Great Ocean Road





Port Campbell
Today was day one of our two-day trip on the Great Ocean Road. We left Melbourne by 9:00AM, heading west. Jim and I did this trip about a month ago so I will try not to put so many crashing waves in this post!

Our first stop was Split Rock Lighthouse, which we enjoyed in the sunshine! Back in the car to Apollo Bay where we stopped for lunch at a wonderful little cafe called The Bay Leaf. We had 3 different but excellent lunches.

We continued onto Cape Otway where we searched for koalas in the trees on the drive to the lighthouse. We were rewarded with lots of sightings, including about a half dozen active koalas that were moving along the branches and eating the eucalyptus leaves. It took us a long time to go the couple of kilometers where the koalas were perched!

We enjoyed our self-guided tour of the lighthouse, especially the long views up and down the coast.

The Great Ocean Road turned inland at this point and we travelled through rain forests and rolling farm lands. Thick, dark rain forests full of shedding bark eucalyptus trees gave way to verdant fields of cattle and sheep. The road climbed up into low hanging clouds and the dropped down into wide river valley farms. There was always something to look at.

Late in the afternoon we arrived at the Gibson Steps, our path to the beach at the start of the rock formations in the ocean called the Twelve Apostles, the premier attraction along the Great Ocean Road. We had an amazing walk along the beach with the cliff walls towering over us, waves crashing by our feet and enormous rock formations rising from the surf.

We continued on the road a short distance to the Twelve Apostles Overlook. The sun was just peeking through a break in the clouds in the western sky which made the view even more impressive. The cameras were clicking furiously! The sun was setting and we were losing day light fast, but we made one more stop at Loch Ard Gorge for a quick look at the gorge and a promise to come back tomorrow when there was more light.

We are staying tonight at a motor inn in Port Campbell. Tomorrow we will continue west on the GRO just a bit and then turn around and retrace our steps on the GOR until we reach a road that heads north. We’ll go home a bit differently than we got here~maximize what Tucker and Alison see!

I hope this entry is readable because I am putting it together on my iPad. I think there are photos, but no captions.



4 comments on “Great Ocean Road

  1. ttaber2 says:

    Another spectacular day! Looks like a bit more sun than when you and Jim were there. Love the fact that you found koala bears just hanging around!

  2. Robin Stocks Robin says:

    Your blogs are wonderful…just went thru backwards as I was away a few days.. Also, met your bro. Bob on your dock with friend fishing; what a good story teller! PS you know, we love your blogs, but it isn’t a job. You could take a day off…with a salary deduction of course!

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