Last Day in Port Douglas

We got home too late last night to write about our last day in Queensland, so here is a re-cap.

Port Douglas was hosting a triathlon yesterday and the hub of this race was right outside of our hotel so we awoke to race noises! Not necessarily a bad thing for a family of runners! Jim and I went out to see what was happening and we got to see the start of the first of 3 races. All races started with a swim from the beach and it was a beautiful morning to be sea-side. The first of the triathlon races was the longest, the Olympic length and then 2 shorter races followed. We watched the swimmers enter the water and then walked to the other end of the beach in time to see the elite men’s group come out of the water and head for their bikes. 


Buoys indicating where to come out of the ocean from the swim portion of the triathlon.


The start!



And they’re off!

After our breakfast, the four of us walked to Look-Out Point and had a wonderful view back down on the beach with the races still in progress. 


View from Look-Out Point


One last walk in the ocean for our West Coast Girl!

We then got in the car and drove south towards Cairns, taking a side road to the small town of Kuranda for some hiking and a town visit. Our first hike was to the Barron River Falls in Barron River National Park. We were amazed when we got to the first overlook of the falls to see the size of the gorge and the falls~immense! The Barron River has a couple of dams on it for power generation, but there was still plenty of water coming over the falls. The trail to the falls was on a boardwalk through the canopy of the rainforest, so it was a very interesting walk.


The beautiful Barron Falls


Artwork in Kuranda

We ate lunch in the town of Kuranda, and then explored a couple of the local galleries with some native art. Beautiful! There was a walk outside of town that we did that took us along the Barron River and through the rain forest. Again there was lots to look at on these trails.


Walk along the Barron River


Through the rainforest



Creek crossing


Boardwalk on the Jungle Trail

By now, the frantic, non-stop pace we’ve been keeping since Tucker and Alison arrived started to catch up with us. We decided to go into Cairns and chill by the pool in the center of town and enjoy the water front area. Cairns has a beautiful esplanade along the shoreline where were walked and did some serious people-watching!


Pool at Cairns


Esplanade at Cairns

Dinner was at a local pizza/pasta restaurant and then we were off to the airport to catch the 8 PM flight back to Melbourne. We were back in our apartment shortly after midnight.

If this entry seems rushed, it is because I am hurrying so Tucker, Alison and I can get in the car and head up the Yarra River Valley to visit some wineries, etc. Busy, busy. .  .


Sunset at Cairns, leaving us with wonderful memories of our time in the state of Queensland.


3 comments on “Last Day in Port Douglas

  1. Betty and Doug says:

    Too funny, Marji. I have lots of the same pictures… the backs of my loved ones walking. The scenery is beautiful, the company is great, and you just want to capture the moment! You’re lucky if you can get them to turnaround!! Glad you and Jim got to enjoy the kids!

    • marjirob says:

      Yes, it was all about capturing those moments together! I think I may be in some of Alison’s pictures for proof that I was there too! Thanks for reading!

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