** Please note, there are no pictures with this entry because this Lodge does not have wireless internet and I am using their computers.

We were up really early to get to the airport for our 8:40 AM flight. The only time we’ve been at the Melbourne airport is the day we arrived and a taxi brought us to our apartment building, so we really did not know how long it was going to take us to get there. Sheila (GPS) took us on a route through the city and we learned that next time we will take the expressway around the city to get to the airport. But we had allowed ourselves plenty of time, so it was not a problem.

Our flight was on time, delivering us to Hobart, TAS, shortly after 10 AM. After picking up our rental car and stopping to buy a fuel canister for our backpacking stove, we headed north and east towards Coles Bay, the town nearest to our final destination, Freycinet National Park on the Freycinet Peninsula. The peninsula is bordered by Great Oyster Bay on the west and the Tasman Sea on the east.

We drove through rain and sun today which made for some dramatic scenery. Sometimes the road was along the water and other times it was inland, going past fields of sheep, walnut orchards and cattle ranches. Lunch was in the small town of Swansea where we ate a cafe that was also an art gallery. Delicious food and interesting art!

Once in Freycinet National Park (Tasmania’s first national park, 1916) we stopped at the Visitor’s Center for our park pass and information about our 2-day backpacking trip. As usual, we got good advice. We then checked into our cabin at the Freycinet Lodge, took a moment to admire our view and then got back into the car to drive to two hiking spots. A lighthouse was our first destination and we watched a rain shower move across Wineglass Bay, right towards us! The second hike lead us to Sleepy Bay beach which had sand that reminded me of quinoa (that was the size of the grains of sand)>

The wallabies were our entertainment on our drive back to the lodge. It was approaching dusk as we drove which meant is when the wildlife becomes more active. Wallabies are small kangaroos (about the size of a medium dog, Ophie-like!) and we saw four of them which was very exciting!

 Tomorrow we start our hike so there will not be a blog for a day or so. The forecast is for improving weather for the next couple of days, some sun and some showers.

See you on the other side. . . .


One comment on “Tasmania

  1. Sally says:

    Once again, thanks for the entertainment! Stay dry and don’t hit any of those wallabies!

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