Plans, Plans and More Plans!

It seems like we’ve been living in cyber space the past day and a half as we try to make arrangements for when Tucker and Alison are here and for our upcoming Tasmania trip. Jim looked at the weather forecast and thought that this weekend should be OK for a backpacking trip to Tasmania so we have been quickly making those arrangements.

I went to a travel agent to ask our questions about the Great Barrier Reef. The area is so freakin’ big that it is hard to know where to stay and who to hire to take us snorkeling! The travel agent asked me questions about what we wanted to do and then said he would do some research and send me a proposed plan for air, hotel, car hire, and snorkeling. He did this and when I further researched his suggested resort, there were too many negative reviews on Tripadvisor for me. Plus, we thought if we just trusted our gut and booked things ourselves we could probably save a few dollars! So we booked air tickets for all of us, a 2 bedroom apartment in Port Douglas, a rental car (car hire), and a snorkeling tour. It should be great!

Tasmania~to me that has always been a name I knew (hey, I grew up watching the Tasmanian Devil on the cartoons) but it seemed like an exotic place that I knew nothing about. Well, I no longer think of it as being exotic, but it sure looks interesting. On Thursday morning, we are flying to Hobart (the capital) and driving northeast to Coles Bay where we will be staying one night in Freycinet Lodge in Freycinet National Park. Friday morning we will get an early start on our 2-day backpacking trip on the Freycinet Peninsula Circuit, a 31km (19+ miles) loop within the national park. This loop goes through spectacular landscapes, from beaches to high plateaus. One beach we hike across is Wineglass Bay beach which Outside Magazine recently listed as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world! I can hardly wait! Of course it won’t be swimming weather, but we may want to wade in a bit to cool off our tired feet! Once we finish the hike, we will return to Hobart for Saturday night and then do some touring there since we have an evening flight home (back to Melbourne) on Sunday. 

Today I rode my bike to the Rod Laver Stadium Box Office to buy our footy tickets for when Tucker and Alison are here. The matches are not held in the Rod Laver Stadium, but that is the closest ticket agent. After tucking the tickets into my bike bag, I decided to ride a bit along the Yarra River. I rode on the trail on the north side of the river, heading east, a direction I’ve not ridden yet, and it was here I made a cool discovery. The bike trail runs parallel to an elevated expressway and on 2 of the huge supports under the expressway were climbing walls! There were all these hand and foot holds on the huge supports so multiple people could climb at once! One guy had pulled off the bike trail and was climbing around on the wall! What a great idea! I love this place! Maybe sometime I will get a picture of it~didn’t have my camera with me~major mistake!

Before coming to Australia, one of our concerns was charging our many electronic gizmos and toys! AU uses 50 hz, 220 volts and has different prong configurations on their plugs. Jim was able to buy a universal power strip and a bunch of adapters and this is what our set up looks like! So far, we have not fried any of our electronics!



The temperatures have cooled down here and the locals are commenting to me about how cold it is! Today it was in the 50’s! We have had some rain, but nothing serious. 

I hope spring has sprung where you are reading this. The leaves are falling here and blowing in the wind!

G’Day Mates!


7 comments on “Plans, Plans and More Plans!

  1. have fun in Queensland!

    Port Douglas has a good zoo. If you have a strong urge to pet a kangaroo, this is the place. We stayed in Cape Tribulation (north of Port Douglas) which is really the end of the supply line.

    Our two favorite places in Queensland were Magnetic Island off of Townsend and the Whitsunday Islands off of Aerlie Beach. (if you have the inclination to get back up there at some point)

  2. se23lane says:

    Frost on the creeping Charlie! But bright sun today will warm it up to high 50’s at least.

    Love your plans; we plan to go in both directions.

  3. Amy says:

    Reading your post as we wait for our spring band concert to begin here at LR.
    Have a fun trip to Taz! ( Watch out for that spinning, slobbering creature.)

  4. Sally says:

    Hopefully last frost last night; will be planting petunias and marigolds .at church tomorrow. Apple blossoms are hanging on, but looking a little tired.

  5. Raymond Jakubowicz says:

    Have fun In Port Douglas. I was told that President Bill Clinton stayed in Port Douglas on a Visit to Australia. There is also a train nearby that can take you to one of the aboriginal towns, We took the Quick Silver to the Floating Platform in the Great Barrier Reef. Sounds like you are covering a lot of ground. Enjoy!

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