Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! I am blessed to have the best mother and a wonderful mother-in-law, and to be the mother of two boys of whom I am so proud. Love to you all on this day!

Our day started with a bike ride with Jim’s colleague, Ian and his wife, Melissa. We met them near the St. Kilda pier and rode with the wind, to a Teahouse about 13 miles away. The route was on the bike trail along the beach so there was always a beautiful view off to the right on the way there. Fortunately, Ian and Melissa picked a place that did not take bookings so we were able to walk up to the deck of the teahouse and grab one of the last outside tables. We had a delicious brunch and wonderful conversation. They were able to give us good advice about some of our upcoming travel plans. The ride back was a bit slower because we were riding into the wind and it was strong! So we had a delightful morning with Ian and Melissa and hope to do something again with them. Sorry, no photos from our brunch date!

This afternoon we went into the CBD and were going to take a river boat tour. We booked the 3 PM downstream tour towards the docklands area, but this departure time meant that we had just over an hour to kill. Not a problem. Jim went to the Melbourne Visitors Center while I browsed at a small arts and crafts show that was being held on the grounds of the Arts Center. It turns out that this was the Sunday market, so the vendors must be there every Sunday! Learn something new everyday!  We walked around some more and Jim bought an ice cream cone before we went back to the dock for the river tour. When we arrived, the woman from whom we bought the tickets told us that instead of going downstream as planned, the tour was going upstream! Apparently, the tide came in and the wind was such that the tide was higher than normal and our tour boat would no longer fit under one of the bridges we would need to go under to do the downstream tour! We decided that we really didn’t want to go on the upstream tour because that is the direction that we live and we walk or ride our bikes that way quite frequently. So we got our ticket money back and will go another time when the tide and the wind are cooperative!


Some of the vendors at the Sunday Market at the Arts Center

Some of the vendors at the Sunday Market at the Arts Center


The boat we almost took a tour on. The boat certainly looks low enough to the water, but apparently not low enough!

Jim was starving and thought an ice-cream cone would keep him going!

Jim was starving and thought an ice-cream cone would keep him going!


We walked home, had a glass of wine and ate the delicious King’s Island brie! We were going to go out for dinner but being Mother’s Day, and not having a booking, we decided to wait until mid-week and book some place we wanted to try. We are going out for a Mother’s Day ice-cream treat in a little while!

Last night we went to our first Australian Rules Football (footy) match and it was fun! Our seats were OK, but not great, but I didn’t have much choice when I bought them 3 days before the game. We will plan better next time. The game was exciting and the 100,000 seat stadium was fairly full so there was a good, noisy crowd on hand. Fans show their support for their favorite team by wearing scarves with the team colors. It seemed everyone had a scarf (except us)!  Dinner was cold beer and hot sandwiches at the stadium. It was a good time and we look forward to our next game, and we really don’t care who is playing!

Footy game at the MCG.

Footy game at the MCG.

Examples of the Hawks and Swans scarves.

Examples of the Hawks and Swans scarves.


Large crowd at the MCG.

Large crowd at the MCG.

Once again, Happy Mother’s Day to all the readers of this blog who are mothers!


5 comments on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Amy says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to you to Marge!

  2. Joanie says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to you! I will be going to Mike and Sharon’s for the annual Mother’s Day meal this afternoon. (Bob is in Grayling cooking for the Bamboo Bend Project of the Wounded Warriors for the week.) Thanks for continuing to share your adventures!

  3. Sue says:

    I’m with Jim– ice cream will always keep me going! Happy Mother’s Day, Marji!

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