Another Sunny Saturday


Along the Yarra River Promenade.

I wrote yesterday’s post before we had a night out on the town and I can report that we had a most enjoyable evening. The # 8 tram took us to the CBD where we walked on both sides of the river, enjoying the sights and sounds of a delightful Friday evening. The restaurant I randomly selected turned out to be wonderful. We were given a wonderful table by the Southgate promenade and then had a very tasty meal. After our leisurely dinner, we walked along the promenade, enjoying some of the street performers (musicians, artists, magicians, etc.) and ended up at the huge casino complex. It took us longer to walk through the place than for me to lose $10 in the pokies (slot machines)! The weather was spectacular and most of Melbourne was out enjoying this autumnal evening.


Dinner at the Waterfront Restaurant.

Today we went to the historic and famous Queen Victoria Market. In addition to fruits and vegetables, there are lots of vendors selling shirts, shoes, footy team wear, leather coats, toys ~ lots of stuff we didn’t need! We each had a day pack and we filled them with fresh produce for the upcoming week. Last time we were at this market I bought some brie from King’s Island, near Tasmania and I loved it. Today I was able to purchase another wedge! Yummy!


Beautiful fruit selections!


We could have purchased these fluffy, bunny-like chickens! But we didn’t!

Our afternoon activity was a bike ride. We wanted to take the Punt, a small boat that shuttles bicyclists from one side of the Yarra River to the other, at a wide section of the river, near where it enters Port Philip. There are no bridges that are open to bikes in this area so this is a terrific alternative. It cost us $5 each for the one-way trip, but if we had planned to come home the same way, we could have bought a “return” ticket (over and back) for $7 each. It was a great service and it took less than 10 minutes to make the crossing. Once on the other side, we were in new territory. We rode on a bike trail to the port-side town of Williamstown, where we enjoyed the sea-side-sights! We also stopped for lunch at a little Italian restaurant. The ride home included some new trail and some familiar territory, and those were hard-earned miles as we had to pedal into a strong headwind. Lots of people were out along the Yarra River enjoying picnics with family and friends. It was a good 25 mile ride!


The approaching Punt passing under the Westgate Bridge. This was our ride to the other side of the Yarra River.


All Aboard!


We watched a HUGE container ship make its way to the docks of Melbourne.


View back to Melbourne from the west.


View from one of the shoreline parks in Williamstown.


Part of the bike trail taking us back into Melbourne.

Tonight we are headed to our first footy match (Australian Rules Football) at the MelbourneCricket Grounds, the penultimate place to see a game! Photos in tomorrow’s blog.

G’Day Mates!


One comment on “Another Sunny Saturday

  1. ttaber2 says:

    Great picture of the two of you! I think you should purchase a fluffy bunny-like chicken for a pet! Ha!

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