More Exploring

Yesterday was a domestic day~laundry and grocery shopping. Not really blog-worthy, but essential! I did walk more around our neighborhood and discovered a public library, where I got a card and took out some books! It will be nice to have that resource. I also discovered a large parking lot, behind Chapel Street which serves 2 grocery stores. I have been looking for something like this so when I have to carry home milk and some canned goods, I don’t arrive here with gorilla arms! Now when I have a long grocery list, I can drive and load the stuff into the boot (trunk) of the car and drive it all home.

Today was yoga, which is a wonderful way to start my day. This afternoon I was going to visit the Victoria National Gallery (art) but when I did some research I noticed that they are featuring a large Monet display starting on May 10th. I decided to wait a few days so I could see Monet’s work. Then I thought I’d go to the historic Old Melbourne Gaol (jail). My research brought up the fact that it cost $25 to tour the place, and I did not think I had $25-worth of interest in the gaol. But it was a beautiful day and I wanted to be outside so I took the tram downtown and spent 4 hours walking around, checking out some places I’d never been and feeling good when I saw something familiar and knew where I was.


The Arts Center, for concerts and other performances of the fine arts.


Fancy shoe store. I attempted to try on a pair of low boots, but they were out of my size. Jim says, “Phew!”

Melbourne is famous for their laneways, areas between main streets and these laneways are home to some interesting little shops and artwork. The artwork changes regularly as local artists paint over existing murals so it could be fun to watch the art scene change during our stay here. In some places this would be considered graffiti and would be viewed as bad for the neighborhood, but here the art work is high quality and the artists take pride in their work.


Art in one laneway.


More laneway art.

I was also in the area of some pretty high end shops and did some window shopping, but kept my charge card in my purse! A reader of this blog asked me about the currency used here in Australia. The dollars are soft, flexible plastic, with a small clear plastic window design in each denomination. There are coins for $2, $1, 50, 20, 10 and 5 cents. No penny~everything is rounded up or down, sometimes in your favor, sometimes not! The 2-dollar coin is smaller than the one-dollar coin~whose idea was that?! The coins get heavy in your pocket or wallet and today when I bought a map for $9.95, I was able to pay with all coins and lighten my load!


AU money. I’ve never had anything larger than a $50 bill, but I’m sure some exist!

I walked home which takes almost an hour, but the trail along the Yarra River makes it a very pleasant walk.


New pansy beds since I was last in the CBD of Melbourne.

Tomorrow may be a day-trip day. I’m putting the finishing touches on my plan, and it may involve a steam train ride!

Stay tuned. . .


One comment on “More Exploring

  1. Sally says:

    I love the pansies, going in for the winter. We just bought some multi-colored pansies to put in by the office steps at church. And the red geraniums are in the urns at the Dewey Ave. door!

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