Great Ocean Road Day 3

After a great night at the Lighthouse Lodge in Warrnambool, we were on the road back towards Melbourne. The Lighthouse Lodge is the former lighthouse keepers residence, when such people were necessary. The house has been renovated into a 3 guest room lodge, which was very comfortable.


One of the 12 Apostles, from the cliff tops.

We started out heading east on the Great Ocean Road, retracing our steps from yesterday. There was one highlight along the road that we missed and thought it would be a good stop: the Gibson Steps. These steps clung onto the cliff walls and took us down to the beach by the 12 Apostles! It was amazing to see these mighty rock formations from the beach level. We walked a good distance along the beach to get different views of 2 of the Apostles. We had to keep an eye on the water as the tide was coming in and we didn’t want to get stranded on a narrower stretch of the beach. We had fun running from the waves as they ran up the sandy beach. 


Clicl this photo to make it larger to see the Gibson Steps along the cliff wall.


Beach level with the Apostles.



Swimmers (one was skinny-dipping!) in the cold ocean on a cool day!


Playing tag with the waves!


After climbing back up the Gibson Steps, we drove back to the town of Port Campbell, so I could check out some accommodations for when Tucker and Alison are here. I think I found the place I’d like to stay with them!

We decided to take a different route home from here so we could see some new roads and check out some things we discovered at the Information Center in Port Campbell. So at Laver’s Hill, we headed north. We drove down a gravel road, deep in the Otway Rainforest where we took a walk to Triplet Falls, and even at this time of year, there was water here. On Friday we hiked to a waterfalls, and it ended up being a water drip, so I was skeptical, but Jim said the literature described Triplet Falls as “thundering” so I agreed to go! Well, it wasn’t thundering (must be in the spring time), but there certainly was enough water to make it a beautiful spot. The hike to get to the falls was spectacular as we hiked through a very dense rain forest with very tall Mountain Ash trees (a variety of eucalyptus). 


Well-marked tracks (trails) told us which way to go.


Fern Trees in the rain forest.


Very tall trees in the rain forest.


Old-growth trees, this area was never harvested for timber.


Finally, we got to Triplet Falls and it was beautiful.


Another couple kindly took our picture for us!

We lunched in Colac and then continued on to the Heritage Farm and Wool Center! This is a place Jim read about in more of that wonderful literature we get at the local information centers and it sounded interesting to a knitter and spinner. After following a couple of gravel roads, past fields of sheep, we pulled into this beautiful old country stone house and barn area and discovered Wendy Dennis, shepherd, spinner, dyer. Her farm, Tarndwarncoort, has been growing wool from the same flock, on the same land, by the same family since 1840! They raise Polwarth sheep, a breed their ancestors are responsible for developing. Today, Wendy sells her fleeces around the world, and was even familiar with the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, one of my favorites! We had a wonderful tour of her farm and she answered all of our questions, and I bought some of her yarn! This place was a gem and we are glad to have found it!


The loft where all the fleeces are weighed, sorted and stored.


The entrance to the wool store.


A display of Wendy’s hand-dyed wool, from the sheep out in the field!


One of Wendy’s many sheep, with a coat, to protect its fleece.

By now, Melbourne was calling so we set Sheila (our GPS) to Home and followed her gentle directions. 

It was another great weekend get-away! Next weekend we’re staying home though because we’ve been invited to go bike riding with one of Jim’s colleagues and his wife. Hope the weather cooperates for that!


Describes our weekend!

G’Day Mates!


8 comments on “Great Ocean Road Day 3

  1. Chris Schaefer says:

    As I looked at the picture of the hand-dyed wool products, I (jokingly) mused “Why don’t they just dye the sheep?” – and then on to the next picture, where off in the distance is a turquoise sheep! Your caption clarified that it was wearing a coat; but I think you can see where I got a chuckle . . .

  2. Terry says:

    Heritage Farm and Wool Center….perfect for you Marji! Yay…’re having an awesome time!

  3. Amy says:

    One adventure after another. Keep em’ coming! Love reading your posts.

  4. Sally says:

    Another great wool find! Beautiful pictures all around.
    I’ve just agreed to be a runner at the yarn auction next Monday, at Rochester Knitting Guild.

  5. Raymond Jakubowicz says:

    It looks great. I enjoy the great pictures, and the detailed descriptions. The smiles on your faces really tell the story. It brings back good memories of Australia. Have you tried the Vegemite yet. Makes a great sandwich. Acquired Taste. Have fun.

  6. Betty and Doug says:

    The pictures are amazing. So many gorgeous shots. Glad to see the photographer gets into the shots as well. What a wonderful adventure. Thanks for sharing.

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