Great Ocean Road Day One

We woke up this morning to gale force winds blowing through Melbourne, but the sun was out and the temperatures were pleasant, so the wind was just a minor inconvenience. I was glad though, not to be on my bike!


Here is a small map of where we are traveling. Click to enlarge.

Jim went to work for a half day and I took a yoga class this morning and then came home and finished packing. Jim got home by 12:30 PM and we were on our way to the Great Ocean Road before 1 PM.

Our destination for tonight was Apollo Bay, about 189 km from Melbourne. We had to drive 90 km to get to the Great Ocean Road and then we slowed our speed and enjoyed the beauty of the ocean meeting the land. There were many pull-outs along the road, which we took, to get stunning over views. We stopped at one beach to do some walking and later we stopped to hike to a waterfall, which was really just a water drip at this time of year! We started our drive in the sunshine but ended with low dark clouds. We were lucky enough though, to see some rainbows in the sky because of those rain clouds! There were several small towns along the road, but they were pretty quiet at this time of year~this is the off-season!


Beach view along the Great Ocean Road.


We found a sea sponge on our beach walk.


The gale force winds were still blowing and blew off the tops of the waves as they broke!


Split Rock Lighthouse


Can you find the shadow of the lighthouse on the water?

The road was narrow and twist-turny as it clung to the cliff faces. Sometimes we were up high on the cliff walls and other times down low at beach level. We saw some surfers at one beach and they were all decked out in wetsuits from head to toe!


The Great Ocean Road Arch and sculpture dedicated to the returning veterans from WWI who built this road.


This sign was everywhere and made us think that lots of tourists drive the road! There were very few people out while we were driving today.


The small town of Loren uses wave energy to generate electricity. This blue box houses the mechanism that moves as the float on the waves below the pier goes up and down. What a good idea!

When I planned this get-away earlier this week, I found this one B & B that was right on the ocean here in Apollo Bay. Lucky for us, they had a cancellation and one room for us. It is a lovely room and we do indeed have a view of the ocean!


Our room at the Apollo Bay Guest House.

Tomorrow we continue heading west on the Great Ocean Road. We will be staying the night in the town of Warrnambool. The most popular and most photographed spots on the G.O.R.are between Apollo Bay and Warrnambool so we have a lot of exploring a head of us!

G’Day Mates!

P.S. Short funny story from yesterday. When I was at the National Sports Museum I was looking at a small exhibit about the fashions that some women wore to some of the big sporting events in AU. There must have been 20 mannequins displayed with very fancy outfits on them. A group of school kids walked in and one boy, about 9 years old, loudly said to his mates, “This is a boy’s bloody nightmare!” and tried to get his buddies to leave the room!


2 comments on “Great Ocean Road Day One

  1. says:

    Looks like you pretty much had the view to yourselves! Beautiful! The 9 year old boy’s comment made be laugh. How funny! Enjoy your weekend together. : )

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