Melbourne Aquarium

Today was the day I decided to check out the Melbourne Aquarium. The aquarium is situated right along the Yarra River in Central Business District (CBD) of Melbourne. I took the #8 tram from our area to the CBD and then had a 4 block walk. When I got my ticket, the ticket seller told me that the aquarium was undergoing some renovations and I was given a free adult ticket for a later visit. I was under-whelmed by the displays at the aquarium and hope the upgrades make the place more exciting. I did like seeing the penguins, but there was only one small tank with jelly fish. I love the jellies, and know that there are many more that could have been part of a display. So I will give the aquarium another chance after I hear that the renovations are complete. Jim thinks that since we visited the Monterey Aquarium, all other aquariums will come up short. This may be true, but I didn’t feel like I got my money’s worth today. 

There were rain showers this morning, but my time in the CBD was sunny and clear. It wasn’t until I started walking home, along the Yarra River, that the rain resumed! At one point it was raining and the sun was out~couldn’t find a rainbow though!

Today was the last day of my 10 day trial membership at the yoga studio I was trying. I enjoy the classes and the times that the classes are offered work for me so I bought a 10-class package. I must admit that I have been very spoiled by taking my yoga classes at J&J, where I didn’t have to pay for them! But I can also say that my J&J yoga instructors (I know that yoga teachers have a formal title, but I cannot remember it) have prepared me well for these AU classes.

Here are some photos from the aquarium and the beautiful city that I now call home!


Penguin rookery at the Melbourne Aquarium. There was also a large pool where I could watch the penguins swimming and diving.


The jellies! They are so much fun to watch!


Looking downstream from the promenade in front of the Melbourne Aquarium.


Looking upstream from the Melbourne Aquarium.


One of the CBD pedestrian bridges across the Yarra River. The historic Flinder’s Station (rail) is in the background.

G’Day Mates!


5 comments on “Melbourne Aquarium

  1. Sue Blood says:

    We are enjoying your blog. Lots of fond memories of AU and NZ. I have to agree with Jim that Monterey Bay Aquarium is a real spoiler for all other aquariums (Boston and Monaco may be the exceptions). With this in mind, when you go to Sydney, skip the aquarium. We were underwhelmed by it. Fortunately Sydney has so much else to offer. I hope you can get there.

  2. awilsoncol says:

    Hi Marji,
    I finally got in to read your blog….SO COOL! I admire your adventurous spirit…getting out there everyday to explore and experiencing everything you can.
    Keep writing! I’m totally jealous, but really enjoy reading about your adventures.
    We miss you in yoga!
    Amy (from J&J Yoga class)

    • marjirob says:

      Thanks Amy! My yoga classes down here are bait different, but nothing I can’t handle, so far! Please give my regards to my yoga buddies!

  3. Betty and Doug says:

    I eat jellfish but mom says they are hard to find these days!
    enoying your blogs!

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