Melbourne to Frankston and Back

Today was a bike riding day. Ever since Jim and I did our recent city tour bike ride,  I wanted to ride farther on the bike trail that we rode that follows the shore line of the bay. The weather guy on the evening news said that today was going to be the best day of the week, so off I went this morning. My destination was the town of Frankston, about 28 miles away. Frankston is the first town you come to when you drive to the Mornington Peninsula. On my trip to the Mornington Peninsula, I blew through Frankston on my way farther down the peninsula to Sorrento.

The first 15 miles were on wonderful bike trails, with beautiful bay views off to my right. The last 13 miles were on roads, some with bike lanes, others not. I was amazed at the number of riders out this morning and even on the busy road into Frankston, there were other riders around, and the car drivers drove like they were accustomed to sharing the road with bikers.

Frankston has a city pier that juts out into the bay and after riding out and back on that pier, I ate lunch at a restaurant right at the edge of the beach. Nice!

My return trip was uneventful, but I got pretty tired about 10 miles from home. This is by far the longest ride I’ve done since I rode RAGBRAI (the Iowa ride) last summer, so I stopped at a bench overlooking a lovely, deserted beach and the bay and ate an apple. I was revived to finish the ride!

Here are some scenes from today’s ride. I continue to feel so lucky to have this opportunity to live in Australia and see sights like these.


Brave swimmers in the cool morning.


Love these pine trees with the needles that grow up!


Old pier pilings from days gone by.


Pedestrian/bicycle bridge over a creek flowing in to the bay, Frankston, VIC.


I forgot that when you order a lemonade in AU, you get Sprite!


My resting bench before the final push home!

Jim has phone meetings for work at 10 PM tonight and 6 AM tomorrow with the Rochester people. I’m so tired I hope I sleep through both!

G’Day Mates!


4 comments on “Melbourne to Frankston and Back

  1. se23lane says:

    Lovely quiet time. Nice to hear they use miles, or is that just for us? Do they have race car and race horse ovals, and do they curve to the right or left?

  2. Sally says:

    Loved the beautiful clear skies. Can we rent bikes when we get there, if there is any time left?

  3. Betty and Doug says:

    Whitey Pointers anywhere?

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