Moving and Biking Day

This is a better formatted version of a blog post some of you may have received earlier. Sorry about the confusion, I am still learning how to use this program.

Today was the day we moved to a larger apartment, from the 5th floor to the 6th floor. This new apartment is wonderful and we will be much more comfortable here. If Jim wants to work from home some days, there is space for him to do that. We don’t have suitcases stored in the hall or duffle bags along the sliding glass doors anymore. Here are some photos from the new apartment:


The living/dining room/kitchen area in our new place. To take this photo, I stood with my back against the glass doors to the balcony.


A closer view of the kitchen~I may have to start cooking more regularly!


View from the kitchen.

It was a beautiful morning in Melbourne and as I was moving stuff I kept thinking that it was a lovely day for a bike ride. So I quit working around noon, had a quick lunch, and then headed out on my bike. I rode an 8 mile stretch of the Yarra River/Capitol City Trail and then turned around and came home. Except for one road crossing to get to the trail, I never had to cross a road during that 8 mile stretch. The trail was in good condition, and in some places seemed to be fairly new. I went by some beautiful spots along the Yarra River, past a golf course and through several small parks. I even passed a brewery on the other side of the river, at least it smelled like a brewery!


Yarra River


White egret in the Yarra River

I was riding along through a rather urban area, when suddenly there was a field full of sheep! Then a field full of goats appeared, followed by a pasture with horses and cows! And all these fields were right up next to an elementary school! What was this about? I was riding through the Collingwood Children’s Farm! I wonder if the school children get to participate in any farming activities as part of their curriculum. What a great opportunity to do some hands-on farm chores! This farm also had a large garden area and a cafe that served up meals with very locally-sourced ingredients. Maybe I’ll have to make a return trip someday and stop for lunch!


Not words I usually see on a bike trail!


Sheep of the Day, at Collingwood Children’s Farm

I will leave you with a photo that I took from our balcony tonight as the sun set over Melbourne.


Sunset over Melbourne. from our apartment balcony.



9 comments on “Moving and Biking Day

  1. se23lane says:

    NIce digs! I tried to reply to the first send, but couldn’t. Now I don’t see the part about the bike trough along the steps! Cool idea, to go along with the bike trail suspended under the highway.

  2. Hans Porte says:

    Marji and Jim,
    The blogs and pictures have been awesome. Having just retired a week ago, I didn’t think anything would make me envious, but this does. What a great experience. Keep the blogs coming and enjoy.

  3. Sally and Bob says:

    I agree with Sandy. Nice digs! I look forward to seeing this apartment in person. The sheep picture reminds me that I was impressed with the wool museum and want that I my ‘must do’, or ‘might do’ list when we get there!

  4. Carl and Nan Oster says:

    The new apartment looks very modern,

    and appears larger. What does the balcony look out over? Good luck in these digs.

  5. Jerry Vogt says:

    Being a biker, I am jealous of all your biking opportunities there.

  6. Jerry Vogt says:

    Joan says I should mention our Rochester Bike Club weekday informal bike rides in case you are interested when you return. I’m leading a ride tomorrow, as a matter of fact.

  7. Sonia Kaser says:

    It is so nice to hear all that you are up to. The photos are just beautiful! Keep us posted.

  8. Terry says:

    Now you have space for all those upcoming visitors! Yay!

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