Touring the Countryside


Jim perusing the merchandise at the Market.


You could get lots of junk at this market, including the kitchen sink!


Lake Daylesford, Daylesford, VIC


Jim working the pump at one of the springs on Lake Daylesford.


Wombat Flat, Lake Daylesford, with another spring water pump.

Today was a day with no definite agenda, but with some things we thought would be interesting. We left our hotel in Ballarat, heading for Daylesfords, where were read there was a large farmer’s market every Sunday morning. We arrived shortly after it opened and instead of farmers selling their fresh produce, it was more like a flea market! Not exactly what we were looking for, but interesting none the less. Jim actually found some very thin socks to wear with his biking shoes, which probably are a half size too small! We had hoped to get breakfast at this market, but that was not to be so we headed back to Main Street, Daylesford and walked around until we found a small cafe that seemed to be doing a good business and went in and got the last table. We enjoyed a good breakfast and then continued our walk around Daylesford. Apparently this is a very popular little town, a destination town of sorts, and as the morning wore on, the streets and sidewalks got very crowded. A very helpful woman at the local Information Center gave us good info about a couple of places we wanted to get to and pointed out a small lake on the edge of town which had a nice trail around it. So off we went to get some exercise. The lake was beautiful and actually had some deciduous trees that were wearing their fall colors! It was like being in Rochester. . . in September! This area of Victoria, AU is famous for their mineral springs and our trail passed 2 such springs. We tried the water in each, but are not big fans of sparkling water. 

After our hike, we decided to find a cidery (think brewery, but with apples) that Tucker expressed an interest in seeing when he and Alison are here. This place was a few kilometers (clicks) outside of Daylesford and the GPS, which we’ve named Sheila, got us there. We walked into a lovely brick building and were greeted by the owner who told us his story of becoming a cider maker. He was born in Somerset, England, a big area for apples in the UK. He moved to Australia, practiced law for 30 years and went into the cider business when he retired. He and his 1,000 trees, produce 4 different types of cider, which in the USA would be called hard cider. We tasted all 4 and bought a bottle of each variety so Tucker and Alison can have a taste when they get here at the end of May. The guy was very interesting and I think Tucker would enjoy talking with him. 

We decided to head back to Melbourne in the middle of the afternoon since we still had things to do to get ready for tomorrow’s move and to get to a grocery store before it closed. We took a back road to get to the interstate and looked for kangaroos, but didn’t see any.

Here’s another Australian difference: Nobody puts their napkin on their lap. I would put my napkin on my lap and pretty soon the waiter would bring another and put it on the table next to me. If they don’t see the napkin on the table, they assume you have dropped it and need another. Ahhh, the things we are learning!

This was a big footy (Australian Rules Football) weekend here and we have watched a bit on TV. We are becoming fans of the game and hope to get to a match sometime this winter. 

G’Day Mates!


3 comments on “Touring the Countryside

  1. se23lane says:

    All so interesting! Thanks so much.I will try and remember my napkin! Do you tip in AU? I just learned you must not tip in NZ.

    • marjirob says:

      No, there is no tipping in AU, unless you have received exceptional service. Also, the price marked on an item is the price you pay. All taxes (GST) is included in the price marked. I like that!

  2. Sally and Bob says:

    Catching up on a week’s worth of your blog after San Antonio. Thanks for pointing out the ‘September’ color. Leaving for Ditte’s wedding on Wednesday.

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