Just a Day

Today was not a real exciting day, but a good one none-the-less. This morning Jim was up just before 4 AM so he could make 2 phone calls to the USA for work. So our day started early. We are feeling like we are over the jet lag, but this 4 AM stuff may set us back a day!

Today was a yoga day for me. There was a different teacher for this class and mostly different people taking the class. It was another good class and I will go again on Friday morning.

After Jim got home from work at 2 PM, we decided to go to the Melbourne Museum. We took the tram to the Melbourne Visitor’s Center where we were able to get a discount coupon to the museum and then we walked the rest of the way to the museum, in a gentle rain. The museum is featuring an exhibit entitled AFGHANISTAN: Hidden Treasures and it was impressive. It was a collection of gold pieces and other archeological finds from hundreds of years ago BC. These artifacts were secretly stored away by the curators of the National Museum of Kabul during the early years of uprising and war in that country. The curators risked their lives to preserve the ancient history of Afghanistan and that in itself is an amazing story. But when we saw the pieces that were on display, it truly became an act of heroism. I don’t have any photos from the exhibition because photography was prohibited, but if you are curious, click hereĀ Afghanistan Hidden Treasures and see the wonders that we got to see.

After the viewing all the gold treasures we had about 45 minutes to get a quick over view of the rest of the museum and we now know that we need to go back and give the museum the time it deserves.

Here are a couple of Melbourne things that are different from home. First of all, security is at a much lower level. The key fob for our car doesn’t have one of those red panic buttons on it. Our apartment door does not have a dead bolt and chain lock. Secondly, the mail is delivered by men and women who ride bicycles and mopeds. They seem to be exempt from any rules of the road! Oh, one more thing, when we come in contact with people in stores or restaurants for example, they do not ask, “How are you doing?” they ask, “How are you going?”

Tomorrow is ANZAC day, a day of remembrance for all who have lost their lives serving Australia and New Zealand. This is a day off for most people and the tradition around this national holiday is that you attend a dawn service of remembrance and later “raise a glass” in honor of all the fallen heros. We will leave here at 5 AM to walk to Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance and participate in that service. And later in the day, we will find a place to raise a glass with the locals.

We are moving to a new apartment! Through a couple of different channels, Jim’s bosses became aware that our apartment was pretty small so they have authorized an upgrade to a 2-bedroom apartment which includes a separate office area, for the days when Jim is working from home. Even though we really didn’t bring all that much, this additional space will be most welcome as we are storing things along the walls and using the small plastic table that was on the balcony as a dining table/desk because the even smaller table that is in the living/dining/kitchen area is pretty much useless. We are looking forward to making this move and being able to unpack the rest of our stuff. The new apartment is in the same building and I think we will move on either Sunday or Monday.

Here are some random photos from the last 24 hours:


Huge tapestries in the Melbourne Museum


Postal worker delivering the mail.


Fancy tram-wrapping in downtown Melbourne


Jim working at the desk/dining room table.


Tonight’s dinner of pasta and salad and wine from the Rochford Winery.



5 comments on “Just a Day

  1. Robin Stocks Robin says:

    I didn’t pick-up your blog until April 24th and had fun catching up on it before having breakfast. Thanks for taking a Baltimorean on your trip with you! Love, Robin

  2. Wendy says:

    Just got back from Colorado so had a chance to read all your great blogs! You do a fantastic job of describing your day….thank you. We can all live vicariously through your adventures! Glad to see Josh’s concert was good, and you found yoga, and biking.
    I am hooked on Colorado and will definitely be going back! You sit in Brittany’s living room and see Pike’s Peak, and Garden of the Gods was 1/2 mile down the road.
    I look forward to all your stories in the upcoming days in Australia!

  3. Bob says:

    Future guests will also appreciate the larger apartment.

  4. Bill and Mary Jo says:

    Good to know things are going well. Loved the suitcase description and as a fan of lighhouses your shot was great. Marji missed you at yoga. We just got back from vacation this weekend. Grand Canyon and Sedona were beautiful. Even hiked down into the canyon! Take care and looking forward to reading more.

  5. Betty and Doug says:

    Hey Bloke and Sheila,
    How are you going? Just found the link. I kept typing worldpress! I need to catch up on all your blogs. Thanks for all the pics, too! Eric is at Burgos on the Camino Frances path. He may have to cheat and take a bus so that he can finish. Will be peeking in on your adventures regularly now that I know how to spell.

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