Domestic Day


My new Yoga studio.

Today I went to a yoga studio where I am getting a trial membership for 10 days. My first class was a success so I am looking forward to getting there on a regular basis. It takes me about 10 minutes to walk to this studio from our apartment. 

The a big chunk of the rest of my day was spent doing domestic things-grocery shopping and laundry. Let me tell you about the grocery carts here because they are a bit of a challenge to control! In Wegman’s, 2 of the wheels swivel and 2 are fixed. I have been a competent grocery cart driver in the US for many, many years! Well, the Aussies put swivel  wheels on all 4 wheels and let me tell you, it is like driving on ice! The cart slides sideways and turning to go down an aisle is exciting because the cart is sliding all over the place, and I have to get that cart on the other (wrong) side of the aisle!!! It makes me laugh when I think about how absurd it is that this cart gets the best of me! Maybe Jim will take a video of me driving a cart and we can post it here.


Melbourne High School boys

We live in an apartment building very near the Melbourne High School, a school of approximately 1500 boys, grades 9-12. The school has nice athletic fields just at the end of our street and we have stopped to watch the various games being played there and we walk through the school roads to get from one of the larger grocery stores to our apartment. Twice since we’ve been here I’ve been walking home from Woolworth’s (that larger grocery store) just as school was letting out. Suddenly I am in a sea of boys with matching sportcoats! It is like a flood of boys going down our street! So far no nice young man has offered to carry my groceries! 


Palias Theatre


Josh Groban

Last night we got to see Josh Groban in concert and it was wonderful! I could listen to him sing all day! We took two trams to the Palais Theatre in the St. Kilda area, and after the concert, the trams took us home. The concert started exactly on time and Josh sang for about 2 hours, performing a mix of old and new songs. It was a great theater for a concert and we will check to see what other concerts are happening there.

Happy Birthday to Tucker! We will celebrate when you are here!

It’s time for another road trip so tomorrow I am going to head to the west side of Port Philip Bay to Geelong and Queenscliff. Stay tuned.


One comment on “Domestic Day

  1. says:

    I’d like to see that video of you with the shopping cart! Glad you guys enjoyed the Josh Groban concert! He does give a great concert.

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