Sunny Sunday

Sunday dawned cool and clear and we headed for our local farmer’s market, Prahram Market, hoping to have breakfast there and pick up some produce. As we walked there, we were aware that at 8 AM, we were the only people out and about! When we got to the market the sign indicated that it didn’t open until 10 AM, so we walked back home (about a mile), ate our Cherrios and Weet-Bix and decided to go to the market at 11 and have brunch! Which is what we did, enjoying a hearty breakfast at one of the bakeries, eating outdoors and then doing some shopping. I gave Jim the tour of the market since I was there a few days ago. Not all the shops were open on this Sunday morning, and we’d like to return on a Saturday morning, which is it’s busiest time.

We spent our afternoon on our bikes! Jim plans to ride his bike to work most days so we set out to find the route to a town outside of Melbourne called Mount Waverly. We were able to take advantage of some of the many bike trails in and around the city. Jim had some good maps that one of his local colleagues loaned to him, so we had a pretty good trip to Mt. Waverly, with only a few miss cues where we had to back-track. His route will be about 12 miles and most of it is on dedicated bike trails! We traveled by many parks where on this Sunday afternoon we saw lots of kids soccer and footy (Australian Football Rules) games. The bike trails were well-used today, which was good to see. 


Suspended bike trail under a highway!


Protection from the golfers!

One of the highlights of the trails to Jim’s work is the section that goes under one of the main highways. The bike trail is suspended from the under-structure of the road! With this placement of the trail, when it rains, the bikers are protected from the elements by the road! Another highlight was the special fencing along a section that parallels a golf course. The fence was about 12 feet high with an extension over the trail so bikers are protected from golf balls falling from the sky! This is a bike-friendly town!  






We are off to the Josh Groban concert in a few minutes. I’ll give you the review of that in tomorrow’s blog. I’m very excited to see Josh in concert, so I hope it is great!



One comment on “Sunny Sunday

  1. Amy says:

    Hope you enjoyed the concert! Love what they’ve done for cyclists. So cool!

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