My First Solo Adventure!

It is 8:30 PM and once again I am having a really hard time staying awake, while I write this. Hopefully it will make sense.


View north form St. Paul’s Beach


Looking south on the Coastal Walk trail


Artists renditions of some of the sights along the trail.

I drove Jim to work this AM and after dropping him off, I headed south to the Mornington Peninsula. Ever since we started researching Melbourne this area has intrigued me, so I guess it only makes sense that that would be my first destination. The Mornington Peninsula forms the eastern side of Port Philip Bay. So the Port water is on one side and the ocean on the other. I drove to a little town named Sorrento where I found small parkinn area at the end of road. From here I hiked north and south along the Coast Walk trail! It was spectacular, as the pictures prove! Sometimes I was hiking along the top edges of the cliffs and other times right on the beach. The tide was out so there was lots of room to hike! The trails were in great shape and there were just a few people around. After 2 hours of hiking I ate lunch at a cafe in Sorrento, overlooking the Port Philip Bay. After lunch it was back in the car to continue going south on the peninsula to the Point Nepean National Park, which in addition to being beautiful, it has a lot of military history. Great place. 


Looking across the mouth of the bay.




So hopefully these pictures will be worth a thousand words, because I am really tired. In addition to hiking a good bit, I drove over 200 kilometers, which is stressful therefore tiring. Time to go to bed.

I do want to mention that the Boston Marathon tragedy has received lots of airtime down here and we are thinking of our runner friends who were there today and had what should have been a great event become a time of fear. We’re thinking of all of you. 


4 comments on “My First Solo Adventure!

  1. jeannie says:

    How pretty! What a beautiful day you had.

  2. Sandy Lane says:

    News travels fast from here. So glad you are under such blue, clear skies and removed from our not so good parts. What is the local news there that we will never hear (or may not care?)?

  3. Pam Bradley says:

    What a gorgeous place you are living in! Exploring must be very exciting, especially when driving. Continue to be careful with that.

    We were watching The Masters on Sunday and were pleased that such a nice young man won. The fact that he is Australian was certainly not lost on us. How nice that his country applauds him so thoroughly.

  4. ttaber2 says:

    Gorgeous pictures! You have already fallen in love with your surroundings, haven’t you!?! Hope you will get into a normal sleep pattern soon. The Masters was great! Congrats to Adam!

    A friend’s son ran the marathon and his wife and their friend were standing at the fence where many people were severely injured. Tom ran the race and finished an hour before the bomb went off. Thankfully for them, they left before the explosion. They are having quilt feelings though, because they know people were filling in where they stood, and they know they were hit and injured. FBI is saying significant progress is being made to find who did this.

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