Good to Go!

After what seems like forever, all the proper paperwork was generated and submitted to the Australian Immigration folks and they very quickly granted Jim (and me) 457 visas!! This is the good news we’ve been waiting for!

We have plane tickets for April 11 and are now counting down the days until our adventure begins. Our air shipment will be packed up early during the week we leave and then will be delivered to us a few days after we arrive ( if the customs inspection and quarantine period go as planned.)

After reviewing 8 different apartment building websites, we have selected the one where we want to live and our relocation specialist (in Singapore!) has secured us a one-bedroom apartment in this building.

Corey was home this weekend and it was great to see him and when we said good bye to him we said, “See you in Australia!” He will probably be coming for a visit later in the summer (USA’s summer). Tucker and Alison will probably be making a trip to visit us and Australia at the end of May into early June. We are thrilled that they are going to be able to come Down Under to see us!

We have a few other friends and family planning to keep us company during our AU stay so we will have to get our feet on the ground quickly and get as familiar with Melbourne as we can in a short time. I am looking forward to being a tour guide for all of our visitors!

So stay tuned as we creep closer to our departure date.

G’Day Mates!

P.S. I find it a little ironic that the name Australia has the word “trail” in it, since we were supposed to be hiking on the Appalachian Trail right now, instead of getting ready to go to Australia!


One comment on “Good to Go!

  1. Eileen Alley says:

    Have a safe trip! So happy that you are going on a great adventure and that your family will be able to join you!!

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