Going-Away Party – Surprise!

Our own Australian Flag from our going-away party!

Our own Australian Flag from our going-away party!

We still don’t have our exact departure date, but it looks like we will be leaving sooner rather than later. We expect to be in Melbourne by March 18th because Jim is expected at a meeting in Melbourne on that day! Stay tuned for the countdown to the beginning of our adventure.

Last night we were invited to friends’ house for dinner. When we arrived we discovered a room full of our friends, there for a going-away party for us!! It was a wonderful evening, including good food, great friends and Australia-themed decorations! We came home feeling a bit sad about leaving all these friends, but knowing that their love will stretch Down Under.

Yesterday Jim packed up our bikes in 2 boxes that I got from a very generous local bike shop. We hope to do some of our Melbourne sight-seeing from the saddles of our bikes! We have piles of clothes and biking gear and camping gear. It is hard to know how much stuff we will need for 5 months.  As I use things around the house, I look at them and wonder if it is something that I might need or want in Australia.

As a knitter, I already have an assortment of knitting needles packed and will look forward to getting some nice Australian wool to knit. I hope to find a knitting group fairly soon after arriving as I think in addition to meeting knitters, they may also help me get answers to all the questions I’m sure to have!

Time to pack up some stuff. Thanks for reading our blog.


One comment on “Going-Away Party – Surprise!

  1. Sandy Lane says:

    Great idea to talk with knitters as local connection. I havew often stopped in at yarn shops when I go to a new city or area.

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